Empowering Youth Through Education

Q & A: Denise Ross

Denise Ross is the mother of Kailyn, a 10th grader at Hamilton High School who has participated in the Fulfillment Fund Mentor Program for three years.

Denise Ross & KailynQ. How did you find out about the Fulfillment Fund?

My daughter was picked for the program when she was in the 7th grade at Daniel Webster Middle School.

Q. Where would Kailyn be without the Fulfillment Fund?

Lost. My baby never mentioned college until she was with the Fulfillment Fund. Now it is embedded in her head. She wants to go to law school. The Fulfillment Fund gives motivation for the kids to go on.

Q. What would you tell other parents about the Fulfillment Fund? 

The Fulfillment Fund can take a lot of kids off the streets. It keeps kids out of trouble. And gives them a mind to be somebody in life. Every parent should know about the Fulfillment Fund. I told people to go to the school and find out about the Fulfillment Fund.

Q. Any other thoughts?

I think that the whole wide world should know about the Fulfillment Fund. I love it.