Empowering Youth Through Education

Q & A: Blanca Garcia

Blanca Garcia is the mother of Luis, a 2013 graduate of Gertz-Ressler High School who was a part of the Fulfillment Fund College Access Program and Mentor Program for four years.

She shared her experiences with the Fulfillment Fund in 2012, during Luis' junior year of high school:

Blanca Garcia & LuisQ: How is the program working for you?

Luis receives a lot of support from staff! They are readily available to help him. He’s been able to attend two college visiting trips this year and that’s great for him to know what his college options are.

Q: What impact has the program had on you?

It has given me tranquility, knowing that he’s getting academic help and personal help with things he may not feel comfortable sharing with me.

Q: How has your son changed since he became involved with the Fulfillment Fund?

I notice that he’s more interested in his studies and has gotten really involved with extracurricular activities.

Q: What advice would you give to parents who want their kids to go to college?

It’s important to get an education and a career because it’s the best inheritance you can give a child.