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A Student's Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Emmy Awards

For the past two years, the Fulfillment Fund has partnered with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation to provide job-shadowing opportunities to Fulfillment Fund students. 

The opportunity allows students to attend production meetings, be matched with production staff, and attend both the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards and the Creative Arts Awards shows.  We followed up with Veronica Flores, one of our student participants, to see what she had to say about the experience.

By Veronica Flores

My experience with the Emmy Awards was amazing! I had a lot of fun and learned many new things while doing it.

I was paired with the lighting crew during the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards, and it was very interesting to see just how much work has to be put into the show by just one crew. I always thought the lighting crew would just push buttons and everything was preset, but I got to put colors on lights and actually set them up.

I was also able to go to the Creative Arts Emmys and walk the red carpet at the Nokia Theatre. What was really cool: I got to meet television stars from Nickelodeon.

I was already very interested in theatre, and participating in this program has brought out more of my appreciation for theatre and television. Being exposed to this really broadened my mind in a lot of ways.

I was so proud to have the opportunity to take part in the Emmy Awards -- not only as a backstage hand, but also as a representative of the Fulfillment Fund, which I took as a great honor.

I had always wanted to attend and help put together one of these events just to get a taste of the “big time.” I am really grateful and give many thanks to the Fulfillment Fund and the amazing people working for the Emmys that made this experience unforgettable. 

Veronica Flores, a Fulfillment Fund scholar, is a first-year student at Santa Monica College and plans to be the first in her family to graduate from college.