Empowering Youth Through Education

$1 Million Challenge Grant: Double Your Impact!

Now is the perfect time to donate to the Fulfillment Fund's life-changing programs. 

Thanks to one generous Fulfillment Fund donor, all donations gifted between April 1 and June 30 will be DOUBLED! That means every dollar you give will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, until we reach our challenge grant goal of $1 Million. 

Now is the chance to double the impact of your gift and make two-times the difference for under-resourced students:

$100 will become $200...allowing TWO students to attend our annual Destination College experience.

$500 will become $1,000...sending TWENTY students on a one day college visit. 

$1,000 will become $2,000...supporting TWO cohorts of students for a year of high school Fulfillment Fund services. 

$5,000 will become $10,000...providing SIX renewable college scholarships annually to Fulfillment Fund students.

Every dollar goes toward making college a reality for more than 2,700 students growing up in economically and educationally under-resourced communities. 

Questions about ways to give? Please call 323-900-8742