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Scholar Bridge Network

THE SCHOLAR BRIDGE NETWORK is a diverse and active group of professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, mentors, and organizations dedicated to the post-graduation development and success of Fulfillment Fund Scholars – many of whom will be the first in their family to graduate from college. 

The Scholar Bridge Network's mission is to:

  • Build and actively engage a network of professionals that can assist and guide our Scholars as they navigate the path college to career.  Our Scholar Bridge Network offers practical career advice and connections.
  • Generate College-to-Career programs and enrichment events focused on career guidance, internship and job opportunities, professional skills development, and networking activities for Fulfillment Fund Scholars in their junior and senior years.
  • Inspire Fulfillment Fund Scholars to remain invested in the cause of the Fulfillment Fund, stay engaged with Fulfillment Fund students and alumni, and become the next generation of the Scholar Bridge leaders, volunteers, and supporters.



Upcoming Events: LinkedIn Webinar on December 7th

Recent Events: College To Career Day (August 5, 2016 at Creative Artists Agency

Our first annual College to Career Day was a huge success. This annual Scholar Bridge symposium is a world-class gathering of our scholars and industry leading professionals. Soft-skill workshops, speakers, panel discussions, and innovative projects enabled our scholars to gain the knowledge and skill they need to realize and reach their potential through college and beyond.


Make an Impact and Get Involved.

As a member of the Scholar Bridge Network you will join a group of Los Angeles professional leaders committed to the successful transition from College-to-Career of our Fulfillment Fund College Scholars. There are many ways you can engage with our College Scholars, including conducting informational interviews, providing professional coaching, faciliating professional introductions and participating in College-to-Career programs and enrichment events. 

Join the Scholar Bridge Network

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If you are interested in learning more, please contact Elana Gimbel at egimbel@fulfillment.org or (323) 900-8707.


Ji Jeon,* Board Chair

Alex Amin, * Vice Board Chair


Alexa Amin*

Maribeth Annaguey

Brandon Chapnick*

Allan Edmiston

Elana Gimbel

Jon Gimbel

Jacqueline Hantgan*

Lisa Richards Keston




Sarah Lang

Brad Mendelsohn

Evan Rifkin

Carrie Rifkin

Stefanie Schwartz*

Meg Smith


* Founding Board Members